Everything on earth has a solution, and so does every disease possess a cure. Thanks to the modern-day medical technology that has developed a treatment for almost every medical issue. One such disease which can be cured, when detected in its early stages, through medical treatments is Cancer.   

According to WHO, Cancer is one of the most common diseases found in human beings these days due to the present-day habits and lifestyles. Use of excessive tobacco, obesity, daily consumption of alcohol, low intake of a balanced diet, and primarily lack of physical activity are some of the major reasons behind the fastest-spreading disease, cancer. Breast cancer is very common in women these days, while lung and prostate cancers are some of the other common cancers that are majorly found.1 


With the increase in the number of cancer patients in the country, there has been a rise in the search for the best cancer hospital in India that provides the finest treatment and gives utmost priority to the patient’s state of health, keeping in mind all the necessities that are needed to treat the condition with skill and expertise.  

Different types of treatments that are given to cancer patients  

While there are many reasons due to which cancer occurs, medical researchers have found various medications to cure the disease. The type of treatment given depends upon the type of cancer and the level of advancement of the disease in the body. Let’s study in detail various types of medical treatment related to cancer.   

All the treatments available for cancer are majorly categorized into three main domains:  

  1. Local: Localized treatment is given to the affected organ/limited region of the body, and not the whole body goes through the treatment. It involves radiation therapy and surgeries given at a particular region of the body. 
  2. Systemic: Systemic treatment is given to the entire body. It includes the well-known chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and hormone therapy. 
  3. Palliative: Palliative treatment is concerned with cancer-related health symptoms like breathing issues, pain, and sickness. It mainly works to improve the quality of life.  

Different treatments are sometimes used together to eliminate cancer cells from the body. The most widely used treatments are:  


One of the most used therapies in cancer treatment is ‘Chemotherapy’. The primary function of this therapy is to slow down the growth of fast-spreading cancer cells in the body. It uses drugs to kill cancerous cells. It is given to the patients to reduce the tumor’s size and provide relief from the pain.2 

Radiation therapy  

As the name refers, this type of therapy uses powerful radiation beams to destroy cancer cells and also shrink tumors in the body.3 It is also known as radiotherapy. Radiation therapy aims at damaging the DNA of the affected cells, and it takes a few weeks or months of the treatment before the results are to be seen and cancer cells get entirely killed. There are broadly two types of radiotherapy:  

  • External beam radiation therapy: It is given only to the affected part and not the whole body.  
  • Internal radiation therapy:  It is given inside the body through the medium of seeds, ribbons, or capsules that contain a radiation source.  

Stem Cell Transplant (Bone Marrow)  

In this treatment, the diseased bone marrow is transplanted with healthy stem cells. Stem cells grow into blood cells such as white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets, which play an important role in our body. With the help of this treatment or this transplant, doctors are allowed to use high doses of chemotherapy to treat cancer. Stem cell transplant is most commonly used to treat blood cancer, also known as leukemia.4  


Immunotherapy is the new age treatment in the world of cancer therapies. This therapy improves the immune system of the body to fight back cancer. It is a type of biological therapy that uses the body’s own defense system to recognize cancer cells and destroy them.5   

Many leading cancer hospitals in India are using immunotherapy as it is one of the latest and best approaches towards cancer treatments.   


There are various other treatments in the advanced medical industry, including surgeries, targeted drug therapy, and hormone therapy, that helps in curing the disease. Apart from the best treatment given by the cancer specialists, the hospital’s atmosphere plays a vital role in improving the patient’s overall state. Cancer Healer Center is one of the leading cancer hospitals in India that offers advanced cancer treatment for all kinds of cancers. Cancer Healer Center’s primary goal is to work on the overall quality of life for cancer patients and their families by providing the best cancer treatment in India. The Center’s principle methodology towards cancer treatment is Immunotherapy, which is found to be effective even in the later stages of the disease. 

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