Did you know that some parts of your body age faster than others? The aging process occurs naturally, and you cannot avoid it. However, you can improve your age-related issues through regular exercise and eating healthy. Sometimes the effects of aging may be harsh, affecting your quality of life. In this case, you might find help from the anti-aging Kingwood specialist at Elite Dermatology. They offer treatments to promote your skin appearance and better your living. This article gives details on what anti-aging is all about.

What is anti-aging?

It involves techniques that enhance your body’s function during its peak time. During aging, especially from age 30, your cell productivity decreases while the tissue development diminishes.

The reduced cell and tissue production cause dead skin cells to accumulate on your skin, affecting its appearance. Besides, there is low collagen production, and new skin does not form as it used to, leading to wrinkles, lines, and crepey skin.

Anti-aging treatments are essential in fighting the effects of aging and enhancing a youthful appearance. The anti-aging techniques also improve your cellular function, stimulate skin-tightening and collagen production, and bring back your lost volume.

Which anti-aging treatments are available?

The dermatology experts at Elite Dermatology provide advanced and proven anti-aging treatments to allow you to achieve your best outcomes. Here are among the most common anti-aging techniques available.

  •         Dermal fillers, such as Restylane and Juverderm
  •         Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) facial
  •         Microneedling with SkinPen or Lutronic RF systems
  •         Kybella double chin treatments
  •         Cutera xeo laser and intense-pulsed light (IPL) skin rejuvenation

The skilled dermatologists also conduct in-office procedures to address minor imperfections such as skin tags, moles, and warts to promote your skin’s appearance.

How often should you take anti-aging treatments?

The case is different for various people. How often you require the therapies depends on your aging effects and level. For anti-aging treatments such as micro-needling, PRP facials, IPL, or laser treatments, you may need 2 to 4 sessions for best results.

You may also need to retake the treatments once or twice a year to maintain your results.

Usually, injectable anti-aging treatments provide lasting results. For instance, some dermal fillers may last for up to two years without a maintenance treatment.

The team at Elite Dermatology also offers clinical-grade skin care products which help your results last longer. Your provider helps you find the right product for your skin and aging effects, allowing you to get excellent results.

Reasons you need anti-aging treatments.

Anti-aging techniques provide various benefits that promote your skin and quality of life. Here are among the reasons you might want to have anti-aging treatments.

  •         Enhances your appearance by eliminating the effects of aging and restoring a youthful and glowing skin
  •         Moisturizes your skin
  •         Promotes your confidence
  •         Eliminates dead skin
  •         Improves your skin tone and texture

Aging effects on your skin might be traumatic, lowering your life quality. They affect your appearance, but they also interfere with your confidence. Anti-aging treatments help promote your appearance and restore your natural youthful skin. Contact Elite Dermatology today to schedule your consultation.


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