Marketing is a diverse practice to ensure that you get your brand out there to your target audience. Not only do you want to find leads but it’s also essential for the leads to easily remember your brand’s information.

The information about your brand must include the product or services that you offer, and how customers can find you. Your customers should easily find you or reach out to your brand if you want to scale your business.

This is where a vanity phone number comes in the picture to help your brand become easy to remember. With a vanity phone number, your customers can not only reach out quickly but they’ll have an easier time remembering your brand’s contacts.

That said, let’s understand more about this marketing strategy in detail.

What is Vanity Phone Number?

Created by a unique sequence, a vanity phone number is an easy-to-remember phone number that’s used as a marketing tool by many business enterprises. Here are two examples of such phone numbers used by businesses:

  • 1-800-GoFedEx (1-800-463-3339)
  • 1-800-TOYSRUS (1-800-869-7787)

As you can see, these numbers have unique combinations, which makes them very easy to remember. This nature of being more memorable and noticeable makes these types of phone numbers more beneficial than ordinary phone numbers.

That’s why vanity phone numbers are preferred for creating a brand image and are also considered great marketing tools. The best part is that you can get this type of number as a local or toll-free number. Most vanity phone numbers are usually available as toll-free numbers.

However, the offer is mostly available for the first group of people who request the number. So, it’s a first-come-first-serve type of service that’s usually in operation.

It also means that the vanity phone number that you choose is subject to being available. This is regardless of the service provider that you purchase the vanity number from.

Should You Consider a Vanity Phone Number for Your Business?

Yes, should consider having a vanity phone number for your business. If you want your customers to find you easily, vanity phone numbers can help you do that thanks to their noticeable and memorable nature.

But with advancements in technology, you might ask yourself why you even need a vanity phone number in the first place. Although your customers can easily reach out to you using email, texts, or online presence on your website, here are some of the reasons why you should consider having a vanity phone number:

  1. Memorable

One of the main reasons you should consider having a vanity phone number is the memorable nature of the phone number. People will have a hard time reaching you if they can’t recall how they even got you in the first place.

Also, if your customers can easily remember your business number, it can be easier for them to refer their friends or family to your brand.

  1. Convenience

Although emails and texts work effectively, your customers are more likely to reach out to you with a voice call if they know they’ll always get the support they need. With a memorable vanity phone number, your customers won’t hesitate to reach out and ask for any help concerning your products and services.

  1. Trust

Customers can show more trust in your business if they can talk with a person. That voice call help is a strategy that has been proven to work in major brands across the world. If customers can remember your business number easily, then they will most likely call every time they need help.

And if there is someone on your end who’s always available to offer help, your customers will trust your brand more.

  1. Boost Your Credibility

As a business entity, you won’t attract or keep any customers if you aren’t credible. But a vanity phone number for your business can change this narrative for you.

With this number, your business will be viewed as legitimate and a leader of sorts in your specific field. This is as long as you have a catchy, well-marketed vanity phone number that stands out against what your competitors are offering.

  1. Broaden Your Reach

Having a toll-free number not only means that your customers can find you easily but you will also broaden your market. Let’s face it, it’s hard to reach everyone on the ground and even more tiring.

However, you can broaden your reach if you have a toll-free vanity phone number that your customers can use anytime to find you.

Final Thoughts

Many reasons make vanity phone numbers more beneficial than ordinary numbers for your business. Remember, your customers need efficient and effective services for them to trust your brand.

So, vanity phone numbers help with your credibility, availability, and trustworthiness. Not to mention that you’ll benefit a lot from having a memorable number for your customers to find you easily. is a tech support company with a vision to inform, empower, and showcase Tech Entrepreneurs in order to bridge the gap between starting and becoming successful Tech Entrepreneurs.

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