We have a number of creative possibilities when it comes to LED big screens. For example:

  1. To see multimedia content in a group meeting in some organization
  2. To decorate the walls of a bar
  3. To show graphics and images in the news
  4. Integrated to artistic productions
  5. For massive events, in gigantic screens

LED technology revolutionizes the use we give to the screens

Led panels present various uses we can give to them:

  • In a corporate setting:
    • Present slideshows in gerential meetings.
    • Decorate the environment, creating a relaxing space with calm music.
    • Communicate ideas and values common to the organization.
    • Develop loyalty within the employees.
    • Or to grab the attention of those who visit the office.
  • In arts industry:
    • As a medium to expand multimedia in visual arts
    • Represent a text in a new format.
    • To better communicate an idea using interactive LEDs presenting ideas with the quality they deserve.
  • In massive events:
    • To direct people’s attention to a conferencist in a presentation
    • Show details that will be unnoticed another way
    • To better coordinate your content and the way of displaying it

Another option are musical live shows, to be more immersed in the experience of music and highlight the aesthetics of a band’s lyrics or the band itself. Also as a plus to the sounds, being able to play with the light, contrast and brightness at concrete moments of the concert and also to explain in a simple and resume way the security recommendations.

In news and other media: to present the statistical information in a concrete, comfortable and sharp way. This information includes graphics, videos, images, extracts from interviews, and resumed key themes of the news as a whole.

It’s also a way of reducing polluting gasses and to replace more traditional methods that generate ozone footprint. All this in a quality and low price form.

As an option in publicity it allows a high rotation of messages, retaining the quality of the creatives, at an acceptable price and with good penetration in the target audience. Multipotentiality to diferénciate messages and facilitate the geographic display of the campaign. All of these possibilities use the same budget and achieve higher ends.

Last, it allows the combination with electronic production tools to change in real time light, definition, saturation and contrast settings.

What advantages do the LED video walls have over the old video screens

  • Buying LED Screens technology offers a set of advantages because it allows a higher quality and thus a superior result. More so than old video players.
  • Costs are lower. Not only the LED itself but also the time cost to install and use. And it’s customizable to the needs of the client.
  • They are eco- friendly
  • Images do not lose sharpness due to panel configuration.
  • Allows the “absolute black” (equal better contrast)
  • It has a better energy consumption and they are thinner.



LED walls

What are the most popular video walls?

In general, the most popular screens are those that are around us, the video walls we see when we walk around the city, go to a shopping center and in work meetings or walks with friends.

It is important to know a little more about the technology of this equipment:

  • For interiors:
    • Large LED walls screens 26.2 ‘x 9.8’ P2.97 mm Double turnkey 500×1000 mm, in the NovaStar brand. Due to the characteristics of its composition, the image that is displayed has great definition, color uniformity, adequate brightness and good pixel pitch. These screens are used in places of worship and in virtual productions.
    • LED Video Wall Screen 1′ x 6.6′ P2.97mm Indoor Turnkey. Being medium in size and horizontal, it can be embedded as a mosaic on the wall, giving immense versatility to the content transmitted. These can be found in virtual production studios and work places.
    • LED Video Wall Screen 5′ x 6.3′ P1.99mm Turnkey Virtual Productions. Due to their conformation in 5×4 tiles, they have important aesthetic possibilities in interior environments, giving the sense of a moving image and relying on a mix of quality and softness.
  • For Outdoors:
    • Wall 5′ x 6.3′ P 5mm Turnkey. This equipment has a sophisticated style that is widely used for launching advertising campaigns. The brightness of the diodes are suitable for transmitting high resolution images over long distances.
    • LED Video Wall Screen 8′ x 6.6′ P3.91mm Outdoor Double Turnkey. It has 12 panels where quality images are transmitted and visible from different places. Its panels now have a dimension of 500×500 and a dimension of 1000×500, which allows the image to be duplicated.
    • Wall video Outdoor LED 13.1″ x 6.6″ P3.91mm Turnkey. It has 40 mosaics and offers one of the most advanced technologies on the market, It has maximum brightness classification capacity, according to the intensity of outdoor light,displaying a quality image and protection against rain.
    • Wall 1″ x 6.6″ P3.91mm Turnkey. In the same way as the previous screen, it has 40 tiles. This technology allows the visualization of images both up close and at extended distances. In addition, the protection against the rain makes it more durable.

Where to buy quality technology for a good price

We recommend LED NATION as the ideal option. They have a mix of quality, attention to clients needs and price. Their excellence is total: from the first contact to the post- sale service. This company’s product is unique, custom made, and with the best technicians. Also it’s good to know that they have the logistics to help the client, whatever they buy or rent the product.

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