The Beginner’s Guide to Cyber Security for Small Business

A total of 791,790 complaints. That’s how many cybercrime reports the FBI received during 2020. If you think your business is immune from those threats, you’re going to put your company in jeopardy.

Cyber security for small business is something you can’t take too seriously. Follow the security strategies below to keep your business safe from cyber threats.

Use a Firewall

If you leave your company network wide open, anyone can connect to it and attempt to break in. The question is, how can you close everything off, so only the things you allow are allowed in? A firewall is what lets you do that.

A firewall sits in front of your internet connection to control all incoming and outgoing network requests. If it sees something suspicious, it will block the traffic to prevent it from going through. Doing this will stop the bulk of malicious activity from getting to your company network.

Use Anti-Malware Software

While a firewall does great at stopping many cyber threats, it won’t protect you from everything. You still have to worry about employees downloading malicious files themselves and infecting your whole network with a virus. That’s where an anti-malware program will help.

Anti-malware software will sit on your employee’s computers and scan every file they download. It compares those files to a malware database to look for issues. If it finds one, it will quarantine the file until you manually remove it.

A malware program will also periodically scan computers for problems. Since new malware is constantly released, it won’t catch everything. Regular scans will help catch what it misses.

Protect Your Website

Your internal company network isn’t the only thing you have to worry about with cyber security. You also have a website where you can have sensitive information stored. If you don’t secure your site, it’s an easy target for hackers.

Securing a website is a bit different than securing your company network. Make sure to check for more info so you can keep your online properties secure.

Train Your Employees

All the security protections in the world won’t protect your company if your team openly invites threats into your computer systems. Unfortunately, employees are one of the most significant risks to your company and your sensitive data.

That’s why employee training is essential to keep your business safe from hackers. Look for training programs that help your team understand what they can and can’t do on their computers. A little computer knowledge will go a long way.

You can either opt for in-person training or find online training courses on the internet.

Make Sure You Take Cyber Security for Small Business Seriously

Cyber security for small business is something you can’t afford to take lightly as a small business owner. There are many threats out there, and the number of threats increases every day. Use the tips above to secure your business and keep your data safe.

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