While analyzing how to get Twitch followers, it will help if the magnitude and scope of the channel are understood first. 

Twitch is a live gaming and streaming service, also into broadcasts of other content like esports and music. Gamers live stream their games here while watched by viewers, most of whom are followers of specific channels too. Though Twitch has been around for quite some time now, the platform took off in a big way after it was acquired in August 2014 by Amazon.com Inc. 

Since then, it has witnessed high growth and today accounts for almost 43% of the Internet gaming traffic in the world. Currently, Twitch can boast of 4 million monthly broadcasts and over 147.5 million daily views. It is a huge opportunity to earn money too as will be seen in the post. If you are heavily into gaming and cannot do without a hand on the console, being on Twitch is an excellent chance to monetize your passion. 

The answer to how to get Twitch followers is that there are two ways to it. One is to get followers organically to grow your channel and the other is to buy Twitch followers. Each will be analyzed in detail.

What Happens When You Get Twitch Followers

As the number of followers on your channel increases, so will the general perception of its popularity. It shows that your viewers like your content, your gaming skills, and anything else that you choose to put up. The channel gets the required social proof of its value that in turn leads to increased earnings on Twitch. 

Why is this so?

There are various ways to earn on Twitch provided you know how to get Twitch followers. With the rise in viewership and followers, you will get noticed by top brands and companies who would like to use the reach and large audience of your channel to promote their goods and services. This also means lower marketing costs for them while you will be paid handsomely for this opportunity. 

Next, you will get noticed by the dedicated Twitch community that supports various channels that are on their way up to the top. Getting more followers is an endorsement of your popularity and it is beneficial to keep you going through donations. 

Finally, when you get a lot of followers, you can earn substantial amounts through saleson the channelof your specially designed and curated merchandise. Create a logo that is reflective of the tone and tenor of your channel and put the items on sale to your followers. 

How to Get Twitch Followers – Organic Growth

The first strategy is to opt for organic growth. While there are no expenses involved in this approach, it is an extremely painstaking and time-consuming process and might take years to build a certain level of dedicated followers. Here are some of the steps of how to get Twitch followers naturally.

  • There are over 2 million channels on Twitch and you need your channel to be out-of-the-ordinary if you hope to be noticed in the crowd. Focus on a niche for your channel. If you are an expert gamer, showcase your dexterity and skills. Viewers wanting to know how to play games well will be drawn to your channel. Similarly, you can focus on providing advice to gamers on new games. Some channels are fun types and often raise a laugh with followers. Whatever be it, do something that will make you remembered by your followers. 
  • Design a streaming schedule and post it on your channel. Too often it happens that followers love a channel and its content but when they want to come back for more later, it cannot be found, forcing them to move on to others. This should not happen to you and viewers should know when you will be online so that they can follow you then.
  • Aim to grow your channel at achievable levels, say 200 followers every month. Once you have built up a sizeable band of followers you can increase the growth effort gradually. 

These are some of the plans of how to get Twitch followers organically. 

How to Get Twitch Followers – Buy Twitch Followers

There are specific precautions to be taken when you buy Twitch followers to quickly grow your channel. Research sites and companies that are credible and authentic and provide genuine followers only. There are too many sites going around that provide fake followers who fade away after some time taking you back to square one. 

One way to ensure that this does not happen to your channel is to red flag any company or site that promises exponential growth of followers in a very short time. You can be sure that they use automation and bots to increase followers, a practice that goes against Twitch policies. Using bots to take your channel quickly to another level can get all your privileges suspended on the platform and in worst cases, even a permanent ban from Twitch. 

While looking at how to get Twitch followers, contact sites that have a reputation for providing genuine followers. These sites offer followers blocks of followers to suit your budget, as little as 1000 or as high as 100,000 at a time. Most importantly, avoid sites that provide followers at rock-bottom prices. Generally, not only do they use bots but the followers too are not genuine.  

By choosing sites that are credible and reputed, you ensure that your group of followers is there to stay. 

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