The year 2022 is expected to be the year of smart aesthetics, from lip flipping to injectable concealers. With so many options, it might be difficult to decide which treatment is best for your situation. This is why smart beauty is a much-welcomed 2022 trend. The most successful outcomes in the field of smart beauty are achieved by combining the most recent fashions with cutting-edge aesthetics.

In an effort to seem younger and more beautiful, more and more individuals are searching for innovative alternatives that don’t show traces of therapy.

Here are some of the smart beauty trends for 2022 to keep an eye on in terms of how aesthetic treatments are employed and how they might address some of the most prevalent concerns about one’s appearance.

Keep Your Full Pouts To Yourself Anymore:

Lips are expected to become more subdued and natural in appearance in 2022. Having huge, pillowy lips has long been a fashion must-have, but big-name celebrities are leading the charge to change that.

Among the celebs who have lately dissolved their big lip filler and instead chosen for a more modest lip appearance are Kylie Jenner and Molly Mae. Aesthetic procedures that define the lips are still in demand, despite a decrease in demand for full pouts and lip filler.

There is a lot less drama to the lip flip than its name indicates, but it will still be popular in 2022. Lip flips are intended to give the lips a more natural-looking plumpness and fullness than standard fillers. Botox is injected into the muscles of the upper lip to achieve this effect. In order to make the upper lip appear bigger, the Botox relaxes the muscle that causes the upper lip to ‘flop.’

Bright, Clear Eyes Every Single Day:

After being compelled to wear masks for over two years, people’s attention is more concentrated than it has ever been. Despite its famously difficult treatment, the skin around the eyes is one of the first to exhibit indications of exhaustion and ageing. It is also the most sensitive.

It is common for people to spend their mornings applying concealer and other creams to their eyes in an effort to disguise dark circles and other imperfections. Injectable concealers are expected to gain popularity this year.

Profhilo therapy is a popular method for reviving the eye region. Eye bags and dark circles beneath the eyes are less visible with this technique. In order to get that “I woke up like this” shine, Profhilo does not require extra concealers or foundations.

With this procedure, the skin is given an internal boost by injecting high amounts of hyaluronic acid under the surface. Profhilo’s potent ingredients help to restore the skin’s natural firmness and radiance while also leaving it looking healthy and vibrant.

Rejuvenate Your Skin With Micro-Coring:

Traditional facelifts are becoming a thing of the past, and newer, more effective therapies are taking their place. There is a new fad in 2022 called micro-coring that employs tiny needles to make little holes in the skin. As a result, the face’s general surface area is reduced, and a tightening effect is left behind. It is now only accessible in Australia, however micro-coring will be available in the UK soon.

In addition to micro-coring, INTRAcel is a rejuvenating procedure that yields similar results in terms of improving the complexion.

INTRAcel treatments at Hans Place can help you achieve a vibrant and revitalised skin tone. Collagen formation in the skin is aided by this high-tech procedure. Microneedling and radiofrequency technologies are used in INTRAcel to provide outstanding results.

After an INTRAcel treatment, the skin appears younger and more radiant because of the increased synthesis of collagen. Skin texture concerns, sagging, wrinkles, and big pores can all be addressed with this procedure.

Body Sculpting with Minimal Invasiveness:

In 2022, individuals aren’t only concentrating on their faces when it comes to cosmetic procedures; they’re also focusing on their complete bodies. Body shaping procedures used to necessitate invasive surgery and extended recovery periods.

It is possible to tighten and shape skin without the need for invasive treatments thanks to new technology. Many people are turning to radiofrequency treatments like VASER to sculpt and define certain parts of their bodies, such as the chest and flanks.

In comparison to typical liposuction operations, VASER Liposuction is a minimally invasive alternative to the process. It employs ultrasonic technology to reduce fat and sculpt the body in precisely targeted locations. Small regions like the neck can be treated safely with VASER while larger areas like the stomach or thighs can benefit from the power of VASER.

High-Definition and Mid-Defintion VASER therapy options are available as well. The same ultrasonic technology is used here, but the results are more contoured. These treatments can enhance the appearance of the body’s muscles, making it appear more sculpted and toned. is a tech support company with a vision to inform, empower, and showcase Tech Entrepreneurs in order to bridge the gap between starting and becoming successful Tech Entrepreneurs.

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