Do you have unused gift cards that are being wasted? Gift cards aren’t used for a variety of reasons. For instance, it’s possible that you can’t buy what you want with the gift card that you have available. Alternatively, you might find that the gift card doesn’t have enough money on it to buy what you need to purchase. You could also find that a gift card you have been provided with isn’t usable in your country. This could be the case if you live in Naira.

If so, then you should think about selling your gift card. By selling unused gift cards for Naira, you will be able to make sure that you can get the money that you want or need from a gift card that could remain unused for years.

You might think that selling an unused gift card is going to be a complex process. However, we are delighted to say that this is not the case. You can sell your gift card online in minutes and quickly receive payment for the sale.

How Much Can You Earn?

The amount you earn on a gift card sale will different depending on your card category and the currency that the money on the card is in. However, there are rate calculators available online so you can find out exactly how much you could earn. Your aim here should always aim for the most amount of money from a sale like this. You can trade a variety of different cards online including Steam gift cards, Google Play Gift Cards and Sephora Gift Cards to name just a few. If you are unsure whether your gift card can be sold, it is always worth checking with different sellers online.

Why Sell?

Selling a gift card online in Naira is a great way to make the most of a card that you have put that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to use. It will ensure that you can immediately free up some extra cash.

How Does This Work?

To sell a gift card online, you need to make sure that you set up an account with GCBuying. This can be completed through the company website. Alternatively, you might want to think about downloading the app. The entire sale can be completed in just a few minutes after you have created your account.

Once you have created your account, you will have three options. You can either click to sell a gift card, withdraw money or change your bank details. If you decide to withdraw the money from your sales, then the cash will be sent directly to your chosen bank account as soon as the process has been approved. The approval process is for your safety and the safety of other sellers.

We hope this helps you understand how and why you should sell unused gift cards online in Naira. If you take this step, you will be able to free money that is locked on gift cards and ensure that you do make the most of any gift cards that you have received over the years. is a tech support company with a vision to inform, empower, and showcase Tech Entrepreneurs in order to bridge the gap between starting and becoming successful Tech Entrepreneurs.

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