If you are planning to buy a pair of weightlifting shoes, you have to make sure that all questions are asked before making a final purchase, or else, you might end up regretful about the idea of buying a pair of kicks. 

Surely you want to buy the best weightlifting shoes to get the most out from this purchase. Buying from reputed brands like  https://www.ryderwear.com/collections/weightlifting-shoes is a safe bet always. To help you get started, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

How much is your budget? Prices of weightlifting shoes range from the most expensive you can think of to the cheapest price. With this, it is highly recommended that you filter your options based on what you can afford to avoid exceeding your budget. 

Of course, as much as you want to choose from the expensive options, if your budget is limited, best not to look into pair of shoes you cannot afford to avoid temptations. Sometimes, finding the best shoes is not all about its price tag but the best value you can get from your money’s worth. 

  • Am I serious pursuing this sport?

Before you buy a pair of kicks, think whether weightlifting is something you want to pursue, may it be professionally or as a hobby. Weightlifting shoes are not cheap, hence thinking whether you will really use it or not is something you have to consider. 

Think about your intentions, and make sure that you won ‘t end up wasting your hard-earned money. 

Knowing your shoe size is very important especially if you are planning to shop online. Sure, the shop may allow return and exchange, but you definitely would not like the hassle of returning and exchanging the pair of kicks you already have on hand, as that will not only consume your time but efforts as well. 

When shopping online, make sure that you check on the product’s description regarding the size so you won’t end up needing to return it to the shop to have the size changed. 

Now that you have confirmed all the answers above, the next to ask would be the shop where you are planning to buy your weightlifting kicks.

Questions To Ask The Shop Where You Will Buy Weightlifting Kicks

Here are a few questions to ask the shop before making a final purchase:

  • When can the shoes be delivered?

Asking when can they deliver your shoes is necessary especially if you have plans of using it in the near future. There are many factors that may affect the delivery of your kicks, and some of which are?

  • Your location from the online shop
  • The availability of the shoes and the size of the shoes you ordered
  • Holidays and weather condition
  • The queue

Actually, this question is only to be asked when you are shopping online as if you visit a physical shop, you can bring the shoes home right after you pay it. 

  • Possible reasons why my return request won’t be granted?

There can be a return and refund policy in place, but of course, you have to know the reasons why you might get disqualified from doing so. Most of the time, this policy is already available on their website, hence reading it carefully is strongly advised. If you have questions, or if there are information on the policy you cannot understand clearly, it is best to call their customer service to ask for further assistance. 

Asking the customer service about this information, can give you peace of mind that in the event you ordered wrongfully, you can have the chance of returning or exchanging the shoes.

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