At VC print we are artists and our folded leaflet are prepared in a variation of sizes paperweights and folding options, like Bi-fold brochure or tri-fold brochure and many more options, folded leaflets are perfect for mini brochures price lists, menus, inquiry forms, mailer, etc. designing the print your folded leaflet is exciting and little tickly, so here the solution VC Print provides you high quality cheap folded leaflet printing and ideas in most popular sizes such as A5 and A4

We offer a number of customization options to give you the versatility you need when you are planning to print your folded leaflet printing. What you do is first choose how many parts you want in your leaflet. It might be a bi-fold brochure and tri-fold brochure, and many more different categories.

The number of folds and the size when flat before folding to modify the layout of your graphic design and the quality of information to be included, then have to select the orientation of your leaflet when it is open and specific printing details, our paper sizes come in five different variations including A5, A4, and A3 to enable our customer to create their company brochures.

For those who looking to perform their company in a particular formal manner, VC Print provide deluxe paper options for a pro-bright finish, our standard paper is also of the highest quality and comes with a silk and gloss finish and durability as standard, we recognize that paperweight is an important consideration for brochure printing.

Investigating different materials and researching the best technologies plays a central role in our work at this particularly tricky time. We are all viewing small daily actions, with in mind we have also introduced a new form of lamination to make your marketing products safer and which is called antibacterial lamination printing.

Most of us can easily spot the difference between a book and a magazine, but it’s a much steeper challenge to explain what distinguishes flyers from leaflets or a brochure from booklet, so here we decided to shed some light on these mainstays of the business printing world.

What all of these print products have in common is they are economical and have the most effectiveness to support your business, products, or something else.

  1. Flyers

This is also known as handbills are one of the most popular prints marking products because they are so cheap to produce and so easy to distribute and the small exception comes if you want to hand them somewhere then of course it makes more economic sense to merely print on one-sided.


  1. Leaflets

Leaflets are quite similar to flyers so it’s only natural that most people struggle to tell the difference and some are convinced they are the same thing. Is it funny? So, the difference is the leaflets tend to be a bit smaller and they are usually supposed to be the better quality too.


  1. Brochure

The brochure is also known as the pamphlets can be differentiated quite easily from the flyers and leaflets because they are not flat but folded, in regards to their format of brochures can be found in many different shapes and forms, and there is also different type of brochures like bi-folded brochure, tri-fold, etc.


  1. Booklets

People more often confuse leaflets with brochures although they are quite different compared to brochures, booklets and flat and not folded what makes them further stand out.

And they are usually consisting of more than one or two pages

Now that you have discovered the different specifications and applications of folded brochure printing options, and if you are looking for the best people to help you with your project VC Print is always here to help you out.


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