Everyone has a different perspective regarding whether the experience is necessary to be a successful entrepreneur or not. However, one thing that everyone would agree with is that experience does make it easier. There are some who just got an idea, and they work on it until it becomes a success. If you look around and read about some entrepreneurs such as Bardya Ziaian, you would know that most of them worked for a while with others to gain some experiences. Those experiences helped them to be successful as well.

Following are some ways how experience helps an entrepreneur to become successful


Entrepreneurship is not like other professions where you completed a degree, and you become an entrepreneur. For someone to be an entrepreneur, he needs to come up with an idea and execute it successfully. However, these ideas do not just come by spontaneously. It is when they step into a business and try to make their work easy; they come up with innovative ideas with the potential to make an impact.


When they start a business, it is not yet successful. It encounters many roadblocks along the way. Leaders like Elon Musk with skills and experience are more efficient in identifying the problem in the planning and coming up with a solution for it. Not just identifying and finding a solution is enough; the perfect execution is necessary, which gets much easier if they have experience.


As already stated, problems arise in a business again and again, and it is the responsibility of the entrepreneur to find the solution. But what is better than that is when they have enough experience in the market that they anticipate the challenges that will arise shortly. Bardya Ziaian abc capital understands what is coming their way, and they come up with the solution that will help them to overcome the challenges.


They all say “dream big,” but you need to work for it. They do not set their eyes on the top position in the market just the day they start their business. They sure dream of it, but what they do is set realistic goals that can be achieved one by one. Their experience tells them to dream big and set goals accordingly, but still there are distractions and sometimes you will feel demotivated. What you need is to overcome all the challenges and make sure that your goals are realistic and achievable.


A successful entrepreneur knows that his behavior reflects on his employees, and he cannot order others to follow a set of rules if he is defying them. With experience comes professionalism and will strengthen the foundations of the business. Moreover, it helps you to have reliable clients and improves the trust of investors in you.


Experience may not be a necessity to become a successful entrepreneur for you, but for sure it is a valuable asset. Gaining experience allows them to learn from the mistakes of those who came before them. Hence, before setting up a business, it is better to gain some experiences. It will help you to manage your own business.

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