The hobby of magnet fishing has grown into a real pastime, giving the opportunity to hunt for treasure while helping the environment at the same time. It is possible to find a lost wedding ring under water, or other valuables that have been lost for a very long time, with the help of a strong, trustworthy magnet. In our conversation with Magnetar’s founder, Reinout Volkers, we discussed the success of the company.

Reinout, tell me please how you came up with the idea for the Magnetar business? 

Well, it all started when I was 16 years old, when I fell in love with magnet fishing. I felt I had to do something to make other people see how exciting it is, so during my studies in Small Business & Retail Management, I decided to give Magnetar a chance. The business was located in my parents’ shed, and I had a great dream of turning my passion into my profession. And now we have

Are you feeling as if your dream has come true? 

Yes, definitely yes. We see lots of people have been buying fishing magnets from our family-run business for over 8 years. That means there are some people who share our passion, and that our products are trustworthy and recognized. We have sold over 20,000 magnets in over 50 countries around the world. Numbers speak for themselves.

What is the secret of your success?

At the beginning, our goal was to give fishermen the highest quality fishing magnets and other accessories. Developed over years by our team of 5, our 360o Neodymium magnets are innovative, powerful, and strong. We know how important it is for the passionates to catch their treasure, we understand what it means to lose the treasure. That’s why we do our best to create a reliable set for magnet fishing.

How can I start magnet fishing? What should I buy?

The first step is to see if magnet fishing appeals to you, that’s why you should buy a beginner magnet, for example ‘Easy fishing magnet’, which will not cost you a lot. A magnetic pull of at least 150kg / 330 lb would be perfect for you. If your kid wants to start magnet fishing, the magnetic pull should be between 80kg / 175 lb and 250kg / 550 lb.

And if I’ve practiced magnet fishing for some time, can I still develop my skills?

Sure! Advanced magnet fishermen may buy heavier magnets, which are able to go deeper in the mud. For objects that are more difficult to remove from water, the set includes a stainless steel grappling hook and a strong rope. Advanced fishermen can even earn money on magnet fishing, as with a stronger magnet you are able to lift up even a safe or a chest full of gold coins.

Thank you for talking about the unbelievable success of Magnetar.

Thanks you so much, and please visit our website 
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