Puzzle games are typically played individually. What if you can play a puzzle game with your friend? The Woody Battle Block Puzzle game lets you do so. It is one of the most competitive puzzle games that you can play in real-time. The game can offer you a thrilling experience as you can play in real-time with real players.

If you have ever played the Woody Battle game, then you may have already known that the game is pretty hard. If you are a newcomer in the Woody Battle, you can hardly win a match. So, how to win Woody Battle? Check out the below write-up to acknowledge some tips that will help you win the game.

About the Woody Battle Game

Woody Puzzle is one of the most competitive puzzle games out there with a large number of active players. There are around 500 thousand players from different regions. The game is developed by Athena Studio, publisher of many successful puzzle games. The match duration of Woody Battle is only three minutes.

The game interface is nicely developed to give you a thrilling feel of multiplayer gaming. It also ensures fair gaming by generating random blocks for the players. You will receive the same blocks as like as your opponent at the exact time. The player who scores most will be the winner of the match. You can play both with friends and random players.

There Woody Battle game also stores the game replay history so that you can check and analyze the previous game scores. By making use of the feature, you can easily detect your errors and pro moves. You can also share the score with in-game friends. There is a ranking system in the Woody Battle game, letting you see who is in the global top ranking.

Key Features:

  • Fast-paced one vs. one multiplayer game.
  • Enables you to challenge nearby players and game friends.
  • Enables you to check the game history to analyze your skill.
  • Single-player practice mode to improve your game skill.
  • Lets you see the ranking of the top players globally.
  • Entirely free to play with in-app purchases.

How Does The Woody Puzzle work?

As we said earlier, one of the best features of Woody Battle is you can play real-time multiplayer games. You can also play with your friends or family in the multiplayer mode. The score of the opposition player will be telecasted live on your game screen. So, you can easily keep pace with him.

The Woody Battle allows you to challenge nearby players. Moreover, you can challenge friends from your contact list. If you are not interested in competitive puzzle gaming, there is also a single-player option for you. You can play the “Solo Practice Mode” without an opponent for an unlimited time.

Here is how to play the game:

  • Move the blocks and drop them into the right place.
  • Destroy a horizontal or vertical line to score.
  • You score 10 points for each of the lines destroyed.
  • The game will be ended when there is no more space for grids.

How to Win Woody Battle?

You can win a Woody Battle game by reaching the target score quicker than the opposite player. The high scorer will be the winner if both of the players are failed to reach the target score within three minutes. The same rule is applicable when both of the players are out of the move. Here are some suggestions that will assist you to outperform the opponent:

  • Start putting the grid in the middle so that you can conveniently put the other blocks at any place.
  • Make sure to keep some free space for the bigger blocks like nine blocks like eight and five blocks.
  • Try to clean a line as immediately as possible. If it is not possible to clean the line, try to score make it close enough to the competitor.
  • Try to clean at least one line on every turn to make space for newer blocks.

Is There Any Version of Woody Puzzle for PC?

There is no version of Woody Puzzle or Woody Battle for PC. But you can play the puzzle game on Windows/ Mac PC by using a secret trick. It is possible to play Woody Puzzle on PC by employing a third-party computer app. Go through the guide below to play Woody Battle on PC.

  • Get the app called “Bluestack Android emulator” from this link. Make sure to save the right file for your Mac or Windows PC.
  • Install the third-party app by clicking on the downloaded
  • Once the installation is performed righteously, the program will begin and it will look like an android UI.
  • You will discover the Play Store app in the interface which can be accessed by Gmail.
  • Now search and install the “Woody Battle” from the play store.

That’s it, you are done. You can begin playing the Woody Battle from the application. You will need to use the mouse and keys to play the game.


Woody Battle can be an excellent companion of your boring time. We hope that you will be able to beat any competitor using the above tips.

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