If you own a hoverboard then this thought must have crossed your mind. Keeping in view the popularity of hoverboard almost all hoverboard owner worry about the safety of this device, if you are not living under a rock for the past couple of years, you may have seen the debacle of 2016, just to jog your memory let us give you a summarized view of what happened in 2016

Hoverboard was first introduced to the public in late 2014 and early 2015 and from then on everybody wanted their very own hoverboard. The celebrities were endorsing it and the media was going fanatic over this piece of technology.

Due to so much attention and popularity nearly everyone in the neighborhood wanted to get their hands on this device. And due to all this publicity hoverboard became the must have toy for everyone alike, be it adults. Everyone wanted a hoverboard for their Christmas.

Millions of units were sold worldwide. However, people soon discovered that there was a problem with their beloved device. If you are very much concerned about the hoverboard’s safety then read reviews of specialists at hoverboardsworld.com.

Safety of hoverboard

The hoverboard went into production on a massive scale in the factories of China and Hong Kong with no emphasis on safety and no regulation. Due to this oversight and ever so increasing demand hoverboards were starting to get made from inferior and cheaper less durable material.

The batteries that were being used was made from inferior material as well. These generic lithium batteries were a serious health hazard and a major fire hazard, and as it goes after some time, reports started to come in of hoverboard exploding and catching fire. It was a complete PR nightmare.

To mitigate the risk hoverboard was banned from being sold on all the major websites and shops across the world started to do the same.

In 2016 the demand for hoverboard were also going down and the market looked as dead. Many companies making these hoverboard cared to recall their hoverboards. The Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC for short got involved and started to advise all manufactures to pull their product off the market shelves.

For the people who were still interested in buying these hoverboards were advised to ask for a refund. This was not the solution to this ongoing problem because most people bought these hoverboards from generic sellers which quickly disappeared from the market. the other advice given by CPSC was to dispose of the hoverboard for your one’s own safety.

The New and Improved UL Certification Was Introduced for All Hoverboards

This was not good news for the people who bought the earliest and base models. Having said that, Underwriter Laboratories or UL for short started a new testing system. The main goal of UL was to make sure the safety of hoverboards was up to the standards and these hoverboards are rideable again.

If the steps towards making hoverboard safe was taken a bit earlier then a lot of fire damage and injuries could have been avoided.  Now in order for the hoverboards to be considered safe, a total of 150 tests needed to be passed by them.

These tests included some of the most rigorous tests one could think of. To put things into perspective we can tell you that there were battery tests, drop tests, shock tests, stress tests and the list goes on and on. Now after all the testing, you might question yourself, are hoverboards now safe?

 Are Hoverboards Now Safe?

Well to give you a straight answer we can say that yes, all the new hoverboards which have UL 2281 certification are safe. We can go on to say these new hoverboards are as safe as any other electronic product you have laying around your house.

Your laptop and your smartphone all use the same lithium battery. These products are not a fire hazard for a reason. We do not mean to say that you should ignore all the safety precautions and use them recklessly what we are saying is that you your hoverboards are now as safe as all the mentioned products

It is also important to note, just because we are saying that hoverboards are safe that does not mean you cannot get into an accident while riding these, for the young kids it is necessary to wear safety gear like helmets, pads.

Just because something works does not mean we should not make it even better, all the legitimate brands that manufacture hoverboards are commented on to improve the quality and safety of their hoverboards.

Although many brands pass the UL 2272 certification with ease, still they are keen on improving their product. Now if we are talking about the major websites online that sell hoverboards, we can say that these sites only put those products for sale that come with UL2272 Certification. It’s a concept that expensive hoverboards are safe too. But, you can get safe hoverboards under 200 USD.

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