What are digital credentials?

In today’s world, human beings are defined by a digital identity. This is of course because most of the spheres of business and social life have moved to the internet, the popularity of which has started to increase dramatically with the advent of social media. It is thanks to them that the digital footprints left by each user are greater. The level of digitization of services and the number of electronic transactions carried out on the Internet are also growing year by year. Digital credentials are credentials using a digital ecosystem that gives you access to highly secure and trusted electronic identity solutions. This is so that public and private services can rely on trusted and secure digital identity solutions. These solutions are linked to various attributes and enable targeted sharing of identity data limited to the needs of the specific service requested.

Where did the need for digital credentials come from?

The number of electronic transactions carried out on Internet continue to grow. As a result, users are forced to create many different accounts on multiple platforms and enter their personal information. Very often, users do not have the knowledge or insight into how this data is used, which raises concerns regarding privacy and data protection. That is why a need arose for services that would provide users with security during all electronic transactions. Digital credentials are designed to increase trust in electronic transactions and to standardize the system of electronic interaction between citizens, businesses and government authorities. The need for digital credentials has arisen both in the private sector and in the public sector due to the need to identify and authenticate users while ensuring a high level of security. Therefore, both governments and private organizations are looking for digital identity services to meet the expectations of citizens.

Digital credentials in everyday life!

Digital credentials can reflect all key documents that we have or store in a traditional, paper form. Thanks to digital services platforms, citizens can safely manage their credentials and accreditations. All kinds of licenses can be stored on such platforms, such as driving licenses, work history, health records, and vaccination certificates. Citizens can create their own representations of their data, such as CV, which includes all diplomas and certificates that can be shared with potential employers. Thanks to digital credentials, the life of citizens becomes easier because they can quickly apply for specific documents, rent a car or apply for a loan without leaving their home. On digital identity platforms mechanism of verification is safe, as all data is encrypted thanks to innovative cryptographic methods. And most importantly, data verification takes place only with the consent of the citizen, who decides which data will be made available to the verifier.


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