While talking about technical perfection and luxury combination, electronic gadgets of Apple always come at the topmost position. Whether it is a large desktop PC or smartwatch, Apple always introduces their gadgets with flawless technology. Best in class sensors, satisfactory battery backup, premium look and beautiful user interface are the main features why the Apple watch has become so popular. Despite the use of price tags, the craze for this beautiful watch is not decreasing. In addition to the attractive look, Apple has allowed customization according to your style statement.

The straps of this smartwatch are easily replaceable with stylish options. Even the leading fashion brands are introducing uniquely designed Apple watch straps. From regular use to occasional wearing, all types of buckles are available in the market. Of course, this is an expensive gadget, so you must have some buckles that give a luxurious look. For your convenience, we are enlisting some interesting options that you will definitely love to try.

Luxurious Apple watch buckles

The original leather is a symbol of luxury whether you wear it as a belt, shoe or watch strap. Many luxury watch manufacturers provide their articles in the leather strap. If you are preparing for a special evening or business meeting, attain a formal look with this option. These straps are available in both traditional and modern looks. Either you can choose traditional shiny brown or black leather or go with the option of some Matt finished colors. Nowadays, original leather straps are available in various colors such as red, blue, ivory white, black etc to suit your personality.

While buying an apple watch leather buckle, make sure that it is certified with skin-friendly features. The strap must be soft enough to wear all day. It would be great if there is a water assistant layer.

  • Expensive metal-plated strap

Not just leather but metal can also be a luxurious option to embellish your apple watch. Some companies are providing metal buckles for the latest models of Apple smartwatches. These buckles are usually made up of stainless steel and electroplated from outside with expensive metals. If you explore the options at a renowned Apple smartwatch strap brand, the options of luxury metals like yellow gold, platinum, rose gold and white gold will be available. Nowadays, metal buckles with matt finish are also very popular in the market.

If you prefer metal over leather watch bands in Australia, consider some important features before buying. Make sure that the company is providing an outer electroplating warranty. If the color fades out, it should be their responsibility to repair or replace the strap. Also, the metal should be skin-friendly. Allergic reaction exceptions must be mentioned in the descriptions.

Apple watch bands for regular wear

Yellow gold or black leather apple watch bands are not suitable to wear on a regular basis. If you are looking for something feasible to wear every day, we recommend some comfortable and affordable materials. Silicone is currently the best quality material for smartwatch straps. It is hypoallergenic, soft and available in multiple colors. The endurance of silicon is also higher than normal synthetic materials.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, there is also an option of nylon. Nylon bands are among the strongest options you can find at premium brand stores. Also, the bands made with nylon are much cheaper than luxurious leather Apple watch bands in Australia.

Make sure that you are shopping from a leading brand of Apple accessories. Your smartwatch is an expensive gadget that must remain safe from any potential damage threat after replacing the original strap.

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