In the past months, classes across the United States have moved online. This shift has left students scrambling to deal with digital learning and make plans for the upcoming semester. Without traditional classes and dorm life, students are missing out on some of the quintessential features of college life. The U Experience aims to fill this missing piece, offering a college-style community in the safety and luxury of a resort bubble. We spoke with Lane Russell, one of the co-founders, to find out how The U Experience is unbundling college life.

What will the experience look like?

Lane Russell: “The U Experience is serious about learning, but we’re letting the colleges take care of that. Students at The U Experience are already enrolled in their own college curriculum and are taking courses remotely. Where we add value is providing a community where students have the opportunity to engage with other students and live out the college experience. We believe that social education is a critical element of the college experience and something that students aren’t getting from online classes”

How does the bubble work, is it safe?

Lane Russell: “First, we’re testing every student as part of our onboarding process. Once settled on campus, we’re implementing a strict set of containment and testing protocols, which are featured on our website, to ensure students are keeping not only themselves but their community safe. We are taking extensive measures to prevent exposure and are working closely with experienced partners in the testing space and their teams of epidemiologists. Safety is a top priority at The U Experience.”

With such a diverse group of students from universities across the country are there any opportunities for group learning?

Lane Russell: “Beyond the numerous social events and activities, the program features multiple communal study spaces and free coffee. Furthermore the heart of the campus includes common areas where students are able to connect and engage. Finally we are going to be featuring a TEDx-style guest lecture series to enhance the learning experience of all students.”

How can students sign up?

Lane Russell: “We have an application for the 2021 Spring Semester live on our website,​” is a tech support company with a vision to inform, empower, and showcase Tech Entrepreneurs in order to bridge the gap between starting and becoming successful Tech Entrepreneurs.

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