A plugin is a piece of software code that allows an application program to perform anything it cannot do on its own. A plugin adds a specific feature to the software of the computer.

For media enthusiasts, using the best saturation plugins has been highly imperative. These plugins enhance the quality of the audio being composed or played.

Today we will take a detailed look at some of the best saturation plugins/VSTs. But first, let’s be brief on the subject.

What is a saturation plugin?

A saturation plugin enhances the sound quality of a jukebox. This, in turn, adds a certain depth to music composition. It is a plugin specifically for musical setups and is one of the most effective editing techniques. It can make a significant difference in blending and refining.

VSTs (Virtual Studio Technology) is one of the best saturation plugins widely used for music modification.

Best Saturation Plugins

Audio saturation is the cornerstone that makes analog hardware sound pleasant to the ears. Saturation comes in handy whenever a new frequency is added to the existing composition. It is a positive distortion in sound quality, tonality, and pitch.

The different kinds of saturations plugins are:

  • Tape saturation plugins
  • Tube Saturation Plugins
  • Transistor Saturation

Saturation plugins aim to generate harmony and make each composition unique and distinct in nature. VSTs fall within this category

Some of the best saturation plugins/VSTs used in 2021 are:

  1. Eventide black hole: Blackhole refines the reverb in a composition. Reverb gives vocalists and other instruments a sense of realism and space. While Black Hole can do so, it is more likely to create space-warping phenomena that generate infinite realms of unthinkable.
  2. FabFilter- Pro Q3: Equalizer is one of the most important plugin software in the technical domain of music. The FabFilter Pro-Q3 is a great EQ with a cleverly designed functionality that makes it simple to use. It even teaches you the way to use it. When working with frequencies, it includes all of the functionality that a skilled musician requires.
  3. U-he Diva- It is one of the best analog synthesizer plugins. A variety of iconic hardware inspires its waveforms, filtration, and sliders, and the result is a sound that is inseparable from legitimate work.
  4. FXpansion Geist 2- Musicians regard the current drum machine as a pad-based sample playback device with inbuilt synchronization, mixing, and embellishments. FXpansion’s approach to the notion is an inner “groove DAW” that might possibly be used to assemble entire tracks, let alone individual beats.
  5. Klanghelm’s MJUC: The multifunctional dynamics processor from Klanghelm cuts through the clutter by vastly setting records in terms of effectiveness and cost.
  6. Soundtoys/ Decapitator- Decapitator contains five analog saturation modes that give any sound further dimension. Five comprehensive studio hardware models can be used for reliable findings, dramatic analog saturation. You may also manipulate the saturation’s outline and achieve concurrent patterns.
  7. SPL/ Vitalizer mk2- T- With this well-known tube-based effect plugin, you can add clarity and vitality to your mixes. The Vitalizer MK2-T enhances loudness, widens the signal, and adds harmonic richness to the sound. Furthermore, this sonic sculpting classic enhances the intensity and definition of low frequencies.

Finishing Up

Artists and engineers employ saturation to add appearance, expression, sensuality, grit, cohesiveness, and more to their work to this day. Saturation can range from mild to excessive, and it’s an essential aspect of great mixes. Saturation plugins such as VTSs help in adding this edge to the music.

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