Imagine this: you’re stuck in a long line to get your boarding pass. Then you deal with the stress of going through security. Even boarding the plane and flying is a major strain!

Worst of all, you don’t have to imagine this. This is the travel experience for many frequent flyers.

You might love travel but you just wish that the process was more comfortable.

Have you considered the cost of a private jet? It might be the viable option you’ve been looking for! Here’s what you need to know.

Buying a Private Jet

If you look at the most expensive private airplanes, you’ll find that they have luxurious interiors and amenities.

You want to think about how important this is to you. If you take shorter trips, this might be an unnecessary expense.

But if you take international trips or travel with other passengers, the cost of luxury is worth every penny.

You can also look at smaller private jets that don’t have luxury interiors. These are best suited for shorter domestic flights.

If you buy a private jet from an existing owner, you can expect to receive a reduced rate.

There’s no fixed price on what you can expect to pay. According to Elite Traveler, one can find a private jet that seats 9 for around $2 Million. On the other extreme, one can buy a private jet that seats 75 for up to $400 Million!

Renting a Private Jet

Of course, you can rent a private jet rather than buy one. This is an ideal option if you only travel on occasion.

As with owning a private jet, there’s no standard rate on chartering a private jet.

The three factors that contribute to the cost of renting a private jet are:

  • The hourly rate of the aircraft carrier
  • The flight time
  • The number of seats on the jet

For example, let’s assume a private jet carrier will charge $5,000 as their hourly rate. So a two-hour flight would cost around $10,000 for 1 ticket.

Now let’s assume this carrier charges $2,500 per seat for a six-seater private jet. So the total cost for a two-hour flight on this private jet will be $12,500.

Of course, you can even find that traveling on a private jet can be significantly cheaper than this. If you book a smaller plane, this cuts down the cost of each seat.

Some carriers might charge a lower hourly rate for international trips. If you join a private jet membership you’ll also receive regular discounts.

If you don’t need amenities such as food, beverages, or in-flight entertainment you can also expect reduced rates.

Overall, flying on a private jet is more expensive than a commercial flight. But you’ll get to skip through security and have a concierge service on board.

That’s the Average Cost of a Private Jet

Now that you know what factors into the cost of a private jet, you can decide which is the right jet for you!

You’ll find that traveling on a private jet is a lot more fun and comfortable. Whether you take regular business trips or need to go on a few vacations, there’s a private jet out there waiting for you to board!

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