No one likes to have to go to the emergency room. There’s nothing fun about finding yourself with a serious injury that requires emergency medical attention. Not only is the emergency room associated with extreme discomfort, but it’s also known for being a place with long waiting times. 

Believe it or not, millions of people visit the emergency room every year, and most of them are due to the same reasons. Take a look at some of the most common reasons for emergency room visits. 

Gun Shot Wounds 

Any time someone is hit by a bullet, it is considered an emergency. Since gunshots release an enormous amount of energy, it hits the human body with extreme force. The results can often be fatal and minimally extremely painful.  Yet not all cases are a result of violence. 

In many cases, people are taken in as a result of accidental shootings. Whether they were out hunting or were a victim of a shooting range misfire, people who get shot as a result of gunfire always end up in the emergency room. 

Chest Pains 

Chest pains are a large portion of the reason why people will end up visiting the emergency room. While not all chest pains are a result of heart attack, chest pains can often be an indication of a more serious health issue.

Any time shortness of breath and chest pains accompany each other, patients will usually be prioritized in the emergency room. 


One of the most common reasons, if not the most common reason why people visit the emergency room is for headaches. Since headaches can often be an indication of something more serious like a stroke or an aneurysm, people often panic and rush to the emergency room.

If you experience blinding pain in the form of a headache, it is prudent to visit the emergency room to ensure that it isn’t something more serious. 

Skin Infections

Lots of people find themselves with a skin infection that has become endearingly painful. A skin infection that has been allowed to progress too far can start to spread throughout the entire body and can even be deadly. 

In many cases, a skin infection can also be accompanied by rashes, blisters, and even nerve damage. If you ever start to notice an infection on your skin, you shouldn’t let it progress too far. Letting it wait until it’s time to go to the emergency room can be waiting too long. 

Back Pain

One of the top three reasons why people visit the emergency room is back pain. Many people find themselves with back pain that’s so intense that they aren’t able to move at all. When this happens, usually as a result of playing sports or lifting something too heavy, they rush to the emergency room for help. is a tech support company with a vision to inform, empower, and showcase Tech Entrepreneurs in order to bridge the gap between starting and becoming successful Tech Entrepreneurs.

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